Vile online trolls target mum over tragic death of little Sophia


Brave Amanda O’Halloran has been subjected to hateful messages from online “trolls” blaming her for the tragic accidental death of her daughter.

The 22-year-old was left heartbroken when her 17-month-old daughter Sophia died after getting her neck tangled up in a window blind cord and strangling herself.

The tot had been playing on her own in the living room for a matter of minutes as Amanda popped upstairs. It took her just seconds to die.

Devastated Amanda went public with her story in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers looped blind cords pose to young children, launching the Sophia’s Cause campaign to prevent further deaths.

This week she admitted that speaking out about her ordeal had its drawbacks. It led to a stream of vile online comments blaming her for the death.

Writing on the Sophia’s Cause Facebook site, Amanda admitted the ill-informed remarks had driven her to the very depths of despair.

But she has vowed not to be beaten by them and said she was more determined than ever to make something positive come out of Sophia’s short life.

She said: “I’ve been criticised a lot about Sophia’s Cause, people telling me that banning blinds with cords is pointless and that it is my fault Sophia died.

“I’ve been blamed and called an unfit parent, neglectful and that people like me should not breed.

“At first it broke me. I slipped into a deep depression and just wanted to be out of this world with my little girl.

“At some point I decided to ignore the trolls.

“I realised that these people were in their few and 95 per cent of people have in fact been very kind and supportive.

“I decided I wanted to make a difference and needed to do something, not just for my own sanity but for my little girl and for every child out there. So I started Sophia’s Cause.”

Through the campaign, Amanda and her partner Chris Parslow want a UK ban on window blind cords. They have already attracting more than 5,000 signatures in support.

Amanda added: “Banning blinds with cords might seem extreme to some but when manufacturers can make safer blinds what is the point in having dangerous blinds?

“I know if blinds with cords eventually get banned that it will take some time for them to be completely obsolete.

“But I will persevere – I won’t stop.

“I will carry on creating awareness and Sophia’s Cause will live on in the memory of my beautiful Sophia.”

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