Deva blinds to manufacture blinds

Deva blinds manufacturing

After previously buying blinds from various factories, Deva blinds is about to start manufacturing its customers blinds.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said “It is often very frustrating dealing with different suppliers, delivery dates are often missed, quality varies between suppliers and often certain components are not suitable in a product range.”

“I recently started using a new supplier for my roller blinds.  The fabrics were lovely and my first customer commented on how modern and “designer” they were.  I was pleased and looked forward to fitting them for her.  When the blinds arrived, the fabrics looked lovely, but were let down by inferior fittings.  By manufacturing our blinds ourselves, we will be able to use the designer fabrics, but source quality fittings and produce the kind of blind that our customers expect.”

“By manufacturing ourselves not only will we be able to use the best fabrics and fittings, but we will also be able to update things quickly.”

“We will also be in greater charge of lead times, which will result in a better service to our customers.”

“Deva blinds will also offer blinds to the trade, offering quality blinds at a sensible price.”

Manufacturing will be headed by May Pollard-Fraser




Why does Deva blinds not have a showroom?


deva blinds


The answer is simple – cost.

The day of the shop is over, costing over £1,000 per week, why do you need to pay for this.

After all, the cost of the rent, business rates, electricity, gas etc are all costs that have to be passed on to the customer.

Deva blinds is run from the internet and on the phone.  I work from home and come and see you at your home or business.

Why pay more ??

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Deva blinds is a company that can help you.


New Mobile Number for Deva blinds

I have just received a new mobile number, which will replace the original number.

In future you can contact Deva blinds on:

07977 75 75 75

This easy to remember number will populate though the websites soon, but you will also be able to contact me on the old number.

Deva blinds will come and see you when YOU want us to come.

Unlike most of my competitors that are  long in the tooth and only want to see you during the day, I will come to see you during the evening and at the weekend.

Deva blinds are a modern company and will fit in with you.

Please contact me for an appointment  that suits you.