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This Will Change The Way You Look At Vertical Blinds Forever (VIDEO)

If you’ve stayed away from vertical blinds when decorating your home for fear of it looking like a dentist office, there’s a new product out there that might change your mind. Architecture student Tyler Short has come up with a new design that modernizes the old school home accent once and for all.

Known as “Penumbra,” Short’s project not only opts for exterior installation, but the individual louvers themselves can twist and shift in three dimensions allowing them to act as “a horizontal shading element and light shelf.” In essence, they reconfigure based on the position of the sun to enable light to permeate a building while preventing direct sun from coming in.

But his ingenuity doesn’t end there. To demonstrate the design, Short created a 3D animation of how it would all work, as seen in the video above. And while it seems somewhat unlikely that it will ever come to fruition, we will give him this — it does make for a breathtaking visualization.


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