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Installing Santa Fe shutters improve Energy Efficiency, Solar Properties and Sound Absorption.

Energy Efficiency

Research has proven that installing internal shutters can have a beneficial energy saving on your home with a 58% reduction on heat loss*. Santa Fe is committed to offer the finest products that offer lower energy usage by effectively capitalising and filtering the intensity of the sun. Shutters are very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat, resulting in lower home heating bills.

*Data Source: Thermal performance of traditional windows. English Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University.


The Solar Transmittance value details the amount of light allowed to flow into the room when a Santa Fe Shutter** is closed. The zero value indicates that when closed, no light can flow into the room; offering the ultimate in light control.

The Solar Reflections value details how much light is reflected from the Santa Fe Shutter**. When in a closed position the high value facilitates a high level of solar reflectance, perfect for controlling heat in the summer months.

The Solar Absorptance value is the amount of heat gained by the Santa Fe Shutter** when closed. The low value indicates that Santa Fe Shutters help keep heat gain to a minimum.


Santa Fe Shutters offer excellent sound absorption properties. Room acoustics are improved as the shutter panels absorb sounds within a room, whilst reducing the level of noise from sounds coming from outside the room.