Deva blinds will no longer manufacture corded vertical blinds.

Vertical blind - Wand control


With the soon to be implemented introduction of European law EN13120 about the safety of blinds for young children, Deva blinds Ltd have taken a step to greatly increase the safety of their blinds.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said “The new law will hopefully reduce the risk for young children, but I want to eliminate the risk altogether.  We are going to stop manufacturing our vertical blinds with looped cords and only supply them with a wand operation.  This will ensure that there is no risk to young children.”

“I have been fitting blinds for many years now and most parents and grandparents are aware of the dangers of electric sockets and the stairs, but often forget about the dangers of looped blind cords.  By only manufacturing vertical blinds without looped cords we will be able to totally remove the risk to young children.”

“Deva blinds also offer perfect fit blinds that fit to the individual window without any trailing cords and also have sprung loaded blinds that remove the need for cord operations.”